You Deserve Better

Jo Cox’s death and the knowledge that her children, one of whom is my age, will not have their mother has deeply affected me. But I also know that my feelings are nothing compared with her friends, family, and colleagues.
Today, I was supposed publish a book excerpt here on the blog.
The hashtag #nowomanever became popular on Twitter, and I began to think about my work experiences and started writing tweets that fit my needs.
“Thanks for your help. #nowomanever said, “I’d love to learn how to golf so I can be promoted.”
The examples were easy to follow once I got started.
The time the man next to me at work tried to spike my drink, and I refused to drink it.
There have been many times when I’ve said something and had it rephrased by someone else in the room. It was then accepted.
A man suggested to me that my uniform was from La Perla during a meeting about staff uniforms.
The message preview showed an explicit photograph after the man who was using his laptop in a meeting accidentally shared it.
I have been known to leave work events early or not drink at all in the evenings because getting home safely is my top priority.
I have not been subject to abuse or death threats. I don’t hold a high-profile or controversial job. While my experiences are meaningful to me, they don’t reflect the reality of women who work in high-profile or controversial jobs. My experiences are not representative of what many women I talk to about their workplaces. My entire career I have had the honor of working in professional, supportive workplaces.
Other women, brave women, do the job and face far greater dangers than I have ever seen.
Jo Cox was one such woman.
No matter what your political views, the women and men who represent us deserve better.
Jo Cox’s friends and family are raising funds in her honor for causes that were dear to her heart. Visit her GoFundMe page to learn more and make a donation.