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CoursesMastersMFA (Master of Fine Arts)
Msc Multimedia & Animation
M.Sc. (Biotechnology) GITAM
M.A (English) GITAM
MA (Economics) GITAM
M.Com. (GITAM)

BachelorsBachelors in Animation & VFX
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) GITAM

Post Graduation
Expert DiplomaExpert Diploma in 3D Animation
Expert Diploma in Vfx
Expert Diploma in Film Making

Advance DiplomaAnimation Vfx
Advanced Game Design
Animation Film Making

Bridge ProgramRIOS

DiplomaDiploma in 3D Animation
Diploma in Vfx
Diploma in 3D Visualization


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Welcome to Wings Creations College of Art, Media & Design Learn More Get Started
Welcome to Wings Creations College of Art, Media & Design Learn More Get Started
Welcome to Wings Creations College of Art, Media & Design Learn More Get Started
Let Your Imagination Run Wild Impress Your Clients Be Creative GET STARTED
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Latest NewsScholarship available for academic 2017-18 100% loan within 48hrs with minimal documents. Methodology
At WINGS CREATIONS, we have a very efficient placement cell dedicated towards ensuring every student a secure career in the industry. The placement cell collects the resumes along with portfolio/demo reel of all students who are successfully completing their courses.
Our Team
Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. They are passionate about results, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.
Our Mission
WCCAMD (Wings Creations College of Art Media & Design) is a multidisciplinary educational venture of Wings Creations which dreams of delivering the quality and stress free education to young and scrupulous minds
Top Animation College in South India
Pioneers and true market leaders in the field of 2D, 3D animation, Graphic designing & Web designing, Vfx & Gaming training, Wings Creations has been imparting excellence in animation education, providing international infrastructure and syllabus since 2008.
Why Choose Wings CreationsCareer boot CampKnowing how to do something in After Effects is great… but knowing what to do is better. Understanding the principles of good Animation is the key to creating amazing, fluid work.
InfrastructureAt Wings Creations, we provide an optimal environment that enables students to accomplish the objectives of their course of study. We provide a wealth of industry-standard equipments, software, tools and machines that aids in par real-time work practice.
Unmatched CurriculumAt Wings Creations, the curriculum is completely focused on creating industry ready designers. It allows the students to work in a studio like environment and also get trained by best trainers who have been handpicked from the industry.
Tools & TechnologyAt Wings Creations, we provide the students with the latest tools and technologies in lieu of what is being used by the design industry. Rapid prototyping machine, Wacom tablets, Green room studio, clay-modeling tools, paint booth, light box, are available to the students.
Hostel Facilities The built-in custom post types for portfolios, testimonials and staff make it easy to add & manage content. Just use builder elements to insert them anywhere.
Industry Connect At Wings Creations, the students are provided with the opportunity to interact with the best from the industry. Nexus points are established in terms of master classes, internships, final year projects, thereby allowing the students to be evaluated by the industry itself.
Our Skills 
We offer a wide range of short courses that are designed to meet the needs of industry professionals and that are delivered by experienced academics and practitioners. We constantly assess and develop our courses to ensure their content focuses on current industry trends, developments and issues.
Tacit Learning
Every individual has an abundance of tacit knowledge that he or she might not be aware of. In our case, this would be creativity and design skills. Tacit knowledge cannot be transferred through blackboard teaching or lectures.
A 40 hours of dedicated session delivered by industry experts on a very specific topic like design, story-writing, rigging, role-playing games, etc. These are conducted for at least for 2 to 4 times in an academic year.
Live Projects
The students start working on live projects from the industry from 3rd Year onwards. More than 60 live projects are been accomplished in a single year.
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Open a TicketChoosing which college to attend for a career in animation, is the most important decision of your life. There are several key highlights to consider, while making Wings Creations College the animation college of your choice.

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