Updated AZ-400 Online Course As Per June 15, 2020 Updates

Microsoft Azure certification exams are updated frequently to keep them current with the latest technologies and roles. Our teams continue to update our training courses and keep candidates current with the latest skills. We have already updated the AZ-400 practice exams and now we have the updated AZ400 online course.
This update is in response the Microsoft exam update on June 15, 2020. We have almost completely modified the course to meet the updated exam objectives. Candidates who wish to prepare for the updated AZ400 exam objectives should take the updated AZ400 training course.
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The new updates to the AZ400 exam provide the perfect set of skills for Azure DevOps professionals. Below is an overview of the updated AZ-400 online course from Whizlabs. Candidates can discover the many ways that the new Whizlabs online course AZ-400 would benefit them.
Azure AZ-400: Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining Microsoft DevOps Solutions
The new Whizlabs AZ400 training course highlights the recent addition of all new topics to the AZ400 exam. The AZ400 exam, also known as Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions Solutions, focuses mainly on testing candidates’ abilities for Azure DevOps positions. This exam evaluates candidates’ ability to work with people, technology and processes for continuously delivering business value.
Digital transformation is driving the demand for DevOps professionals. This requires faster delivery of software solutions. The new Whizlabs online course AZ-400 is designed to help DevOps professionals. It focuses on core responsibilities and is geared towards helping them. The role of a Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert would involve the design and implementation of the strategy.
Continuous integration and delivery
Security and compliance
Source control and code
Monitoring and feedback
Prerequisites for taking the AZ-400 Exam
Prerequisites for the AZ-400 exam are the next important aspect. Candidates should review the prerequisites to determine if they are ready to take or not the exam. Candidates must be familiar with Azure administration and Azure programming.
Candidates must have experience in at least one of these areas. Microsoft Azure recommends that candidates have an associate-level certification for Azure administration or Azure developer in order to take the AZ-405 exam.
Basic Information about the AZ-400 Exam
The AZ400 exam for the position of Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer expert is available in four languages: English, Korean and Simplified Chinese. Multiple-choice, multiple selection, and performance-based questions will be included in the exam. The Azure AZ400 certification exam costs $165 USD.
Our AZ-400 practice exams have been updated to reflect the new objectives for the AZ-405 exam. The AZ-400 practice exams will help you assess your preparation.
Exam Domains AZ-400
Candidates should pay attention to the exam domains before taking the Azure AZ400 exam. Candidates must demonstrate their abilities, knowledge, and skills in these areas to qualify for the AZ400 certification exam.
Instrumentation strategy development
Strategies for Site Reliability Engineering, (SRE), creation
Plans for security and compliance
Source control
Ensuring collaboration & communication
Continuous integration
Strategies for continuous delivery and release control
Online Training Course Whizlabs AZ400
Whizlabs has updated their AZ400 training course to accommodate the new AZ400 exam objectives. Candidates will find that all chapters in the Whizlabs online course AZ-400, which was updated recently, correspond perfectly to the domains covered by the exam. Here’s a list of chapters in the new Whizlabs course to prepare for the AZ400 exam.
Create an instrumentation strategy
Create a strategy for a Site Reliability Engineer
Create a security and compliance program
Manage Source Control
Facilitate communication and collaboration
Implement Continuous Integration-Build Automation
Implement a CD and release management-pipelines and templates
Implement a CD and release management-deployment environment.
Are you interested in taking the AZ400 exam to become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer. This comprehensive AZ400 Exam Preparation Guide will help you prepare for the exam.
Features of the Updated Whizlabs Online AZ-400