This is how a developer views Project Management. Brandon Ching wrote this amazing post. It was really well written and worthy of consideration. Brandon offers a refreshing view on project management, stating that the glass is half-full and highlighting the reasons developers should work with good project managers. These are some of the key points:

  • Keeping developers focused and meeting customer needs
  • High-level scope and customer requirements are dealt with so developers can concentrate on the modules of functionality and their art form.

As a developer-turned-PM, I can relate. I found that I enjoyed the PM parts of the work more than the coding. So here I am. I will add that I also love SCRUM for software development projects?a great method that gets around developers being hounding them for % complete?the warroom daily SCRUM, which takes only 15 minutes and has 3 questions for each developer. It can also be used for traditional managed projects, as I wrote about it. You can find out more information here. Again, great work Brandon!