Report: AWS falls behind Microsoft Azure (In some areas) The Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report, which was based on a survey of 753 respondents last year, states that “Microsoft Azure use surpasses that of AWS”. According to the latest edition of the annual cloud survey by SaaS-based IT management solution firm Flexera 2022, Amazon Web Services is still the preferred platform for cloud-enabled organizations. However, Azure, which was historically the No. By market share, Azure has gained significant ground with less-extensive cloud users. According to the report, “Data from this year’s survey suggests that Azure seems to either be closing the gap –or slightly surpassing — AWS with some customers.” AWS is the first large-scale cloud provider and is more commonly used by organizations that have been using it for a longer time and are heavy cloud users. All respondents found that 81 percent of heavy cloud users use AWS, while 80 percent use Azure. Azure is slightly ahead of AWS among organizations with moderate cloud usage, but Azure enjoys greater adoption by organizations that are lighter users. The report presented four main takeaways by Flexera.

  • FinOps is becoming more important. Cloud costs continue to rise and waste continues to be high. Many roles, including IT/Ops and FinOps teams are looking to lower costs.
  • Native tooling gains ground: Third-party tools that help in orchestration and container management seem losing ground to native tooling provided by cloud providers.
  • Growth in SMB cloud usage: SMBs are spending more than $1.2million on cloud services, up from 38 percent last year.

The comprehensive report, as presented by Flexera, also includes:

  • Enterprises embrace multi-cloud:

    • 89% of enterprises have a multicloud strategy, while 80 percent have a hybrid strategy.
    • Many organizations use siloing applications within a given cloud. For example, 45 percent of siloing apps on different clouds and 44 percent using DR/Failover to connect clouds. 41 percent integrate data between clouds.
    • 41% of participating organizations have more than 10,000 employees and 37% of all participating organisations use multi-cloud cost management tools.
  • The adoption of public cloud continues to grow:

    • 37 percent of enterprises spend over $12 million annually on public clouds
    • In the next 12 months, more than 55 percent of all data and workloads will be in a public Cloud.
    • Sixty-six per cent of respondents stated that cloud usage is higher this year than originally planned, even though 90 percent predicted higher usage last fiscal year due to Covid.
    • 53 percent of respondents stated that understanding application dependencies is the biggest challenge in cloud migration.
  • Understanding cloud initiatives and metrics

    • Cloud optimization is a top initiative for sixth consecutive year. It has been adopted by 59 percent of organizations.
    • Cloud migration is a focus area for 57 percent of organizations
    • 74% of cloud-related organizations measure cloud progress using cost efficiency and savings
  • Cloud management is best done by a centralized approach.

    • 74 percent of enterprises have a cloud team or a cloud center of excellence (CCoE).
    • 53 percent of cloud teams are responsible for governing infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)/ platform-as-a-service (PaaS) usage and costs
    • 57 percent of companies reported us