MiTRE ATT&CK Navigator to Improve Incident Response. The world of Incident response is changing. We no longer focus on indicators of compromise, but on attacker behavior. MITRE has made attacker behavior a useful framework that can be shared on their website as well as on GitHub. MITRE offers the MITRE ATT&CK Navigationgator on GitHub. This includes a complete mapping and description of all techniques and sub-techniques that can be used to understand attacker behavior. The Navigator can help you optimize Incident Response and evolve your team from reactive to predictive.

Steve Burg – Tony Rowan

Steve – Steve is Cyberbit’s product marketing leader. He has over a decade experience in consumer behavior and immersive training. He has been a leader of award-winning teams around the world, with a strong emphasis on employee development and training. Tony RowanSecurity architect and Cyber Range trainerTony Rowan was trained as a software engineer, and has been in the security industry for 26+ years. Tony Rowan has been involved in every aspect of the IT supply chain, from software development to end user system installations. His role as a cybersecurity architect and expert instructor with Cyberbit was to design, plan, and implement cyber range solutions for customers around the world. This Webinar will teach you how to use MITRE AT&CK Navigator for predicting attacker behavior. Real-world examples of MITRE AT&CK Navigator predicting attacker behavior in Incident Response. Training your team to use MITRE AT&CK Navigator to optimize incident response.