Microsoft Recertification Update – Renew your Certifications for Free

The pandemic situation in 2020 and a series of events have set off a series that has seen exponential technology growth across all industries and geographies. These huge changes triggered a domino effect, which transformed the way technology was used, perceived and applied at both an individual and business level.
It is imperative that you keep your certifications current and relevant, given the rapid pace at which technology is changing in a cloud-based marketplace. A certification can open doors to many career opportunities and validates the ability of a professional to support an organization’s digital efforts. A Microsoft Certification shows that an IT professional has the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a technology-driven role for a digital company. It is a natural step in this era of rapid digital transformation to make fundamental changes in the way people acquire new skills and certifications.
The new year started on a positive note for thousands upon thousands of Microsoft certification holders, as Microsoft recently announced some changes to its recertification policy. This new process allows Microsoft-certified professionals to renew their certifications online through Microsoft Learn for free. However, their credentials will need to be renewed more often.
What has changed in the Microsoft Recertification Policy exactly?
Microsoft certified individuals will be able to renew their specialty and role-based certifications online starting February 2021. They can do this by registering for a free assessment on the Microsoft Learn website. Certification holders had to take the rigorous exam(s) to renew their Microsoft credentials. The assessment can now be completed online at the learner’s convenience and time. They can take the renewal assessment anytime during the six-month period after their expiry date.
The certification validity will be extended for one year after the assessment is passed. To help candidates prepare for the assessment, Microsoft will provide a free repository with curated learning materials.
What are the changes in the validity of a Microsoft Certification
The validity of Microsoft specialty and role-based certifications will be reduced from two years to one in June 2021. These certifications were valid for 2 years. However, the new policy will see them expire within 1 year of their earning.
Why has Microsoft reduced the validity of its certifications?
Due to the rapid change in technology landscape, older technologies are becoming obsolete faster than ever. Businesses and professionals need to keep up-to-date with technology in order to keep pace with changing times. Microsoft has reduced the validity period of its certifications to one year.
How does the Microsoft Recertification work?
Your recertification assessment will be available on Microsoft Learn approximately six months after the expiration of your specialty and role-based certifications. These Microsoft recertification exams are subject to revision in line with the most recent certification exams.
Individuals who are certified will be notified via email with their Microsoft Certification ID (MCID) when they become eligible for a renewal assessment. A person will receive up to four reminders by email before their certification expires. After the certification expires, the person will no longer receive any reminders by email until the renewal deadline.
Microsoft Recertification Benefits
Learning is a continuous, cyclic process. This new change in MicrosoftRecertification policy will:
Certified professionals can keep their certification current and continue to learn to be ready for the future. This is free.
This will help you get validated and thus, better opportunities for working on the most relevant technologies to your job role.
You can reinstate your certification status without needing to pass any additional exams.
You can take unlimited retakes of the assessment to pass the renewal assessment before you lose your certification.
Looking ahead
The impact of technology has been felt all over the globe in the past year. It quickly changed to meet the ever-increasing, business-critical need for collaboration and productivity at any cost – just so the business can continue to thrive. In just two months, we saw two years worth of digital growth after the global lockdown. Businesses have been able to grow and adapt to changing workflows thanks to the momentum built during this period. This past year has seen groundbreaking innovations in cloud, virtualization and machine l