How to Optimize Your Process with Workflow Management (with Marc Boscher, Unito – The Digital Project manager

Marc Boscher, Unito CEO and founder, explains how to optimize your team’s time through creating workflows that streamline project processes.
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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston
Don’t waste your time trying to find the information that you need. I’m sure you do. It’s also very frustrating for managers to see their employees spend hours trying desperately to find the information they need. There is no one-size fits all workflow management system. Your UX and strategy teams might prefer Trello or Asana for developers, but they will always prefer JIRA. How do you manage all this chaos? How do you decide who wins? McKinsey actually reported that most employees spend eight hours per week searching for information.
The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. It is called a workflow management system. Listen to today’s podcast if you want to save time, your team’s time, and your budget. We’ll be discussing optimizing workflow management systems and thank you for listening. Ben Aston is my name. I’m a digital project manager and founder of thedigitalprojectmanager.com. We are on a mission helping digital project managers deliver better results to help those who manage digital projects succeed.
If you are interested in connecting with our tribe, visit the digital project manager at com. There are many resources that will help you get skills, confidence, and start delivering better projects. Marc Boscher, a web developer who has become a product guy, is today my guest. He is also the founder and CEO of Unito. Marc, welcome to today’s podcast.
Marc Boscher
Thank you for being here.
Ben Aston
Let’s hear a little bit about the story. How did you go from a web developer to a project manager, then a product guy, and finally to start your own business? Let us know a little about this evolution.
Marc Boscher
It took a while, but it started in the Dotcom bubble and things moved very fast. I’ve been involved in technology from the beginning to the end. I’ve been working in product development for almost 20 years. You get this cool feeling when you work in product. You keep seeing problems and saying that someone should solve it. But you never get there. I kept the list, and Unito was born out of one of the problems I see all the time.
Ben Aston
So, I’m assuming you have been working in product for 20+ years. Unito was a relatively new product. Where did you get this inspiration to develop a solution specifically for that problem?
Marc Boscher
Product management and project management are also important. You are required to work with many different teams, different groups, and different skill sets. You rarely have authority. You’re not their bosses, but you should. You must manage by influence. This means that you can’t decide what tools they use. So you don’t get to decide what tools they’ll use.