Debunking Agile

Keith Richards at APM conferenceAgile:
Change friendly
Chunked delivery
Communications focused
Scope tolerant
If you do it right, quality focused!

These were the themes Keith Richards used to set the tone for his presentation at the APM Conference held in London last month. He stated that “the basics of project management seem have been thrown away by some Agile.” “Agile is coming of age. Agile 2.0 is happening now,” Richards stated.
Agile: 9 Myths
Incorrect. Richards stated that Scrum is about solution delivery.
Incorrect. He explained that Agile is a philosophy.
Incorrect. Agile is binary. It’s not about deciding between Agile or Waterfall. There are many levels of agility.
Incorrect. There are only three methods to use: DSDM(r), Scrum, and XP.
[Update 11/11/10: Keith pointed this out to me. This only applies to the USA.]
Incorrect. Richards stated that PRINCE2r can be used in an agile way.
Incorrect. The backlog must be created. It’s required upfront work.Agile is quicker/faster.Incorrect. Although it can take as long as it takes to complete, it always finishes on time.
Agile is ’emergent’.Incorrect. Richards explained that an architecture or design may emerge from a greenfield implementation. However, “a lot of times we’re not coming out of a zero base.”
Incorrect. Agile scales naturally. Agile scaling requires effort and thought.
Who is going to admit to believing any one of these myths? Or are Agile community members disagreeing with Richards’ statements?