AZ-400 Practice Exams Updated as Per New Updates on June 15, 2019,

We are thrilled to announce the relaunched of our AZ-400 practice exams, updated for the most recent changes. Microsoft Azure certification is a reliable and trustworthy instrument for proving cloud skills. The AZ400 certification exam is designed for the Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification. This certification can be used to help you build a promising career in Azure DevOps.
Azure is known for making changes to the objectives of certification exams. Recently, however, AZ-400 received a major update. On 15 June 2020, the AZ-400 exam was subject to some changes. Whizlabs has made the three sets of practice tests for the AZ400 exam available to assist you in your preparation. Let’s see what changes you can expect from the newest revised and updated AZ-400 exam practice tests.
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AZ-400: Designing, Implementing and Monitoring Microsoft DevOps Solutions Exam
Individuals who are interested in working in Azure DevOps positions will find the AZ-400 exam useful. Candidates who pass the certification exam demonstrate their knowledge of working with people, technologies and processes to deliver business value continuously.
Candidates who are proficient in Azure administration or development, and have knowledge of both these areas, are best for the exam. Microsoft recently updated the content for the AZ400 exam on June 15, 2020. These domains were included in the AZ400 certification exam’s previous content.
Designing a DevOps strategy
Implementation of DevOps process
Continuous integration
Implementing continuous delivery
Implementing depending management
Implement an application infrastructure
Continuous feedback is a must

Candidates can now use AZ-400 practice exams that have been updated with the revised exam content. These are the new domains of the exam content for the AZ400 certification.
Development of an instrumentation strategy
Design of a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) strategy
Source control management
Design of a security and compliance plan
Facilitating communication and collaboration
Continuous integration: Definition and implementation
Definition and implementation continuous delivery and release management strategies
We have updated our AZ400 practice tests to reflect these changes. Candidates must prepare for the AZ400 certification exam in accordance with the new exam objectives. We have made changes to our practice tests to make them more compatible with the new AZ400 exam content. Candidates preparing to take the AZ400 certification exam will find the updated AZ400 practice tests useful for testing their ability to address questions according the the new exam content.
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Relationship between the Old Exam Objectives & New Exam Objectives
Let’s take a look at the new objectives and how they relate to the old exam objectives. The new AZ-400 exam objectives can be compared by identifying the objectives that correspond with the old objectives.
Design a DevOps Strategy

Recommendation for a migration strategy and consolidation strategy for DevOps ToolsDesigning a package-management strategy
Implementation of a build strategy
Modern source control strategy development
Design and implementation of an Agile work management approachCommunicating deployment and release information to stakeholdersDesigning a quality strategyN/ADesigning a secure development processDevelopment of security and complianceDesigning a tool integration strategyDesigning build automation
Automated communication with team members
Integration of source control and tools
Implementation of DevOps Development Processes

Designing a version control strategyDevelopment a modern source control strategy
Planning and implementation branching strategies for source codes
Implementation and integration source controlPlanning for and implementation of branching strategies in source code
Integration of source control and tools
Implementation and management of build infrastructureImplementation of build strategyImplementation of code flowPlanning and implementation of branching strategies for source codeImplementing a mobile DevOps strategyN/AManagement of application configuration and secretsDesigning a sensitive information management strategyImplementing continuous integration

Management of code quality and security policiesDesigning build automationImplementation of a container build strategyDesigning a package management strategy
Development of deployment scripts, templates