AWS Security’s top learnings

It is not surprising that security is a very popular topic in the IT industry. Security is a key aspect of any organization or individual in this age of cyberwarfare. It is also essential for our clients and all organizations considering moving to the cloud. Cloud technology is rapidly growing and the need to protect it from vulnerabilities and breaches is increasing. AWS Certified Security Specialist – Specialty certification allows cloud security experts to validate and certify their knowledge of AWS security. This exam is for peers who are in a security role within an organization. This exam enables candidates to demonstrate their ability to adequately communicate knowledge about how to secure AWS.

Path to AWS Certified Security Specialty
There are four levels to AWS Certifications. It begins with the Foundational level. The Associate, Professional, and Specialty levels follow. The Specialty certification level includes the ‘AWS Certified Security Specialty. There are several certifications available for each level:
Foundational certifications: The initial certification, the ‘AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner’ certification, does not require any prior experience. This certification program requires a basic understanding of AWS cloud administrations.
Associate certification: These certifications follow the Associate level certifications, namely ‘AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, ‘AWS Certified Solution Architect,’ and ‘AWS Certified Developer Associate.
Professional certification: There are two certifications that are professional at the level of ‘Solution Architect Professional’ and ‘AWS Certified DevOps Engineer’.
Specialty certification: These certifications are ‘AWS Certified Advanced Networking,’ ‘AWS Certified Security Specialty,’ ‘AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty,’ ‘AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder,’ ‘AWS Certified Database Specialty,’ and ‘AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty.

Benefits of AWS Security Specialty Certificate
The AWS Security Specialty certificate is one of the first Security certificates from AWS. It comes with many benefits. These are just a few of the benefits:
It will give you a solid understanding of the security domain of AWS infrastructure.
It allows you to understand more about AWS data protection mechanisms and data classifications.
It provides information about data encryption methods and AWS mechanisms for their implementation.
It gives insight into secure Internet protocols as well as AWS mechanisms for their implementation.
It provides the practical experience of AWS security and features to protect the production environment.
It allows you to gain expertise from two or more years’ experience in production deployment using AWS security features and services.
It allows you to make tradeoffs with regard to cost, security and deployment complexity given a set application specifications.
It provides you with an in-depth understanding of security operations and the risks they pose.
This certification gives candidates more value than their coworkers.
It is one the 10 most sought-after cybersecurity certifications in 2020.
Exam Objectives
The AWS Security exam validates your security knowledge and provides:
A thorough understanding of AWS Data Protection Mechanisms and Data Classifications is essential for Cybersecurity Risk Management. This includes identifying the types of data being stored and handled. AWS provides a few services that can help the organization.