AWS Provides SAP HANA In-Memory Database and High-Memory Computing Instances

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced new high-memory instances of its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) services.
Amazon EC2 High Memory instances are now available with capacities of 6 TB, 9 TB, and 12 TB respectively. Larger instances, such as 18 TB or 24 TB, will be available next year.
AWS claims that the new high-memory instances were designed for large, in-memory databases. However, the SAP HANA RDBMS was the focus of AWS’s attention. SAP HANA is available in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployments. It uses in-memory data processing to combine online transaction processing (OLTP), and online analytical processing (OLAP).
AWS stated in a blog post that Amazon EC2 High Memory instances have been certified by SAP to run Business Suite on HANA. This next-generation Business Suite S/4HANA is available in production environments.
AWS claims that high-end analytics projects can perform even better when they are executed in the same Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, (VPC), as the database. This is said to reduce overhead and ensure predictable performance.
“With 12 TB instances in AWS and 24 TB coming next year, Amazon EC2 High Memory instance gives our customers the ability scale their in-memory databases with predictable performance in a single VPC as their other AWS Services,” stated Matt Garman, vice president, Compute Services at AWS. Customers can easily grow their in-memory databases and connect them to their storage, networking and analytics services. This will help them make better business decisions.
AWS announced that the new High Memory instances are now available as bare metal instances on EC2 Dedicated hosts on a three year reservation in the US East (N. Virginia), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo).