Month: September 2022


What is CAPM good for? Hi Josh, I am a college student majoring Project Management. Although I have been involved with a few projects over my life, I have never held any leadership positions. This means that I don’t have any experience in project management. This article was fantastic. I am able to identify with many of the PM examples. I am changing careers and am also a graduate student with no prior experience. I read your article and followed it with a navigation to the PMI site. I found CAPM. Although you don’t recommend pursuing certifications right away, I was curious about how new entrants can stand out from the rest in these economic times. I am a Nov graduate with a double major in Project Management and Organizational Management. I have the chance to also get a LSS/GB before I graduate and I plan on doing so. To make up for my lack of experience, I am considering CAPM. What would you recommend I do to move forward? Ryan, sincerely, Ryan. Thank you so much for your great email Ryan! ?I’ll answer your questions now, especially those I’ve highlighted from your email to discuss. Before I get to those points, let me stress something that I always emphasize when coaching people for their careers. Target Specific Organizations These questions about how you can help your career move forward require context. My teaching philosophy is to start by:

Get crystal clear about your starting point Get clear on your short-term and long-term goals You can plot your career path by asking all the

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