What is ITIL Foundation and What Does It Mean?

Let’s find out what ITIL is. We need to have a complete picture of ITIL in order to answer the question “What is ITIL?” What is ITIL? What is ITIL foundation? And why is there so much buzz about it? What is ITIL going do for the industry? What does ITIL mean to me? What is ITIL training? What does ITIL foundation certification training cover and why? Let’s dive deep and discover what ITIL is.
Information Technology and ITIL Overview
Information technology (IT), is a vital component of any industry. IT is the engine that drives businesses. Without IT, many businesses would be in limbo. ITIL is a term that refers to IT service. It is crucial to understand the importance of ITIL. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Let’s go layer by layer until we get to the core of ITIL.
What is ITIL? What is ITIL Foundation? What is Information Technology Service Management, (ITSM)?
Information technology services can be delivered to various customers, whether they are internal or external. IT service management is about ensuring that the services provided meet all expectations. ITSM covers all activities related to policies, processes, and procedures required to define, design. Develop, deliver, and manage IT services. ITIL was created to address all of the challenges associated with uniform delivery and efficiency of services. Before we get into ITSM, let’s quickly define service.
What is a service?
Are you helping your customers achieve the desired result, or adding value? Are you removing the risk and additional costs associated with the activities you perform for them? You are providing a service.
Why has ITSM become so prominent?
Every company is increasingly dependent on IT Services to manage their business more effectively.
Things are more transparent, so failures are more obvious. The impact of increased dependency is also greater.
Complexity in IT Service Delivery and Rapid Change in Business Processes are two of the reasons why IT Service Delivery is more complex.
Customers have higher expectations about the IT service they receive and require more rigorous monitoring
A whole industry whose core business is IT services provision. This results in increased competition and therefore higher quality standards.

Let’s answer the question: What exactly is ITIL? ITIL was created from the combined experience of many IT professionals. It is not a theoretical proposition.
What is ITIL Foundation? What is ITIL Foundation?
ITIL is a set of best practices, standards, and procedures that support the efficient functioning of ITSM. ITIL can be described as a framework that defines the functions of IT service management throughout the lifecycle. What does this mean? The core areas of ITSM that cover the ITSM lifecycle are Service Strategy, Design, Transition, Service Operations, and Continual Services Improvement. ITIL is a set of policies and practices that makes ITSM management more predictable and reliable, increasing the value the business delivers to customers.
ITIL Features
ITIL is unique because it can be used across all industries. Here are some of the key features:
ITIL is independent of industry and domain. It is not a prescriptive standard. ITIL is a set of best practices that should be followed by all organizations using Information Technology Services. ITIL is universally applicable, regardless of whether you work in Healthcare, Manufacturing, or Agriculture.
The best practices are not rigid. It is up to you to adapt them to your company’s needs.
Public Domain: The ITIL framework, which is not proprietary, is available in the public domain.