The Road to AWS DevOps Competency Partner Program

1. Introduction2. Overview of Amazon’s Competency Programs3. AWS DevOps Partnership program is the focus. Prerequisites & Due Diligence5. 6. Technical Validation Process Conclusion7. Takeaway8. CloudThat 9. FAQs1. Introduction
AWS is the most trusted cloud computing service provider. AWS has many partners that provide services and solutions for the large market. CloudThat is one of a few AWS Advanced services/consulting partners and has been associated with them for nine years. We have begun the process to obtain the AWS Premier Consulting Partnership. This involves extensive research and documentation as both a technical and business expert. This feat is not for the faint-hearted, but it does require a lot of hard work.
This blog will provide a detailed explanation of the prerequisites, the process, and the challenges that we faced throughout our journey.
Let’s get started.
2. Overview of Amazon’s Partnership Program
Amazon has clearly defined criteria that will help you move forward in your Amazon Partner Program. You can see the progress of your Partner once you have become an AWS Partner. There are four key milestones on this journey.

CloudThat is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. It is currently on a journey to the Premier Consulting Partnership. It is not easy to become a Premier Partner. Not only must you meet the primary targets of ARR (Annual recurring revenue) or technical certifications, but you also need to demonstrate your technical thought leadership skills. You must meet all criteria and keep them up for at least six more months.
The Partner must receive validations from either the AWS Competency or AWS Managed Service Providers (MSP) in order to be eligible for the AWS Premier Partnership designation. One of the three required validations must either be the AWS DevOps Competency or the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) designation.
Stay tuned for more information about AWS Premier Partnership Program.
This blog will discuss the AWS DevOps Competency which is one of the prerequisites for AWS Premier Partnership and the process of achieving it.
3. AWS DevOps Competency Programme – Focus
AWS DevOps Competency is a great way to advance your business and stand out in the market.
Here are the steps for submitting an AWS DevOps Competency application

Let’s look at the prerequisites, technical, and business requirements, as well as some FAQs that will help you achieve this milestone.
4. Prerequisites & Due Diligence:
AWS Partners who apply for DevOps Competency should submit the required documentation and complete the Self Assessment Spreadsheet. They also need to go through technical validation sessions that are often conducted by third-party auditors. The AWS team will schedule a technical verification audit to review the submitted documentation and support evidence.
Before applying for the DevOps Competency program, partner must be an AWS Advanced APN consulting partner
Each partner must have at least four:
AWS Certified Developer – Associate OR AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
4 Case Studies (2 mandate public). A minimum of four case studies must be presented. Two of these should be mandatory public casestudies. This is covered in the FAQs section. The case study must have a DevOps problem as the problem statement. Therefore, the proposed solution and architectural diagram should only address the DevOps challenge. When project case studies are documented, they usually get a lot of attention.