The Linux Fever: Linux is the Most Popular IT Field in 2015

The demand for Linux professionals continues to rise! According to this TechRepublic article, and other respected industry sources, the overwhelming majority of IT hiring managers intend to hire Linux professionals in 2015. They also plan to increase their salaries for current Linux-focused employees.
Many hiring managers admit that Linux openings can be difficult to fill, which increases their prestige. What’s the deal with Linux fever? Should you consider Linux your IT career focus in the near future.
This question can be answered in a few words: YES. Linux’s popularity and demand is on the rise due to the growth of open cloud platforms, Linux technologies and the innovative products they have powered. Everyone needs great Linux talent, from tech startups to established businesses. Many job openings are for people who have experience with the OpenStack and CloudStack platforms. This is something to remember. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years according to most IT industry insiders and hiring managers. Candidates with skills in cloud security and the ability to create innovative security solutions are well-suited for this career due to the increasing challenges of cloud and infrastructure security.
RedHat certifications, Cloudera, and Linux Professional Institute credentials are all options if you are considering a path to Linux certification.
ExamColleciton just added the latest LPI exam, 102–400, to its Premium VCE selection. This may be a great news for those looking to obtain a PLI certification.
Linux Professional Institute just redesigned its certification program. The old exams 117-102 (old) and 102-353 (new) have been replaced by the new 102-400 exam. This is the new exam 102-400.
As is the case with new exams, there is not much information available about them and even less preparation material. You can still find the latest Premium VCE file here for the 102-400 exam.
Linux Professional Institute Exam (102-400) covers the following topics
Shells, Scripting and Data Management
Interfaces and Desktops
Administrative Tasks
Essential System Services
Networking Fundamentals
It doesn’t matter what set of Linux credentials or certifications you choose, it’s your knowledge and skills that matter. Linux is a hot topic right now, so you have great chances of landing your first Linux job. It is important to act now!