The Best Project Management Books For Beginners and Experts

There are many resources available to help project managers improve their skills. A great book is one of the best resources, and there are plenty of books on project management.
How do you choose where to start? It is important to choose books that correspond to your level of project management expertise and experience.
Lucky for you, we did all of the research for your! We searched Amazon, reviewed websites, and even sought out recommendations from experienced project managers. After considering the entire list, we whittled it down to a manageable size and sorted it. Here’s our short list.
Books for beginners in project management
Books for intermediate project management
Leadership and project management books for advanced projects
Books on project management for specific industries
Books for beginners in project management
These books will help you learn the basics and quickly get promoted, no matter if you are just starting out in the role.
1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
This book, also known as the PMBOK, is the definitive guide to the subject. Many consider it a must-read if you plan on taking (and passing!) the PMP exam. As a recommendation by experienced project managers, it was the book that was most frequently mentioned. Although it is a textbook, it is not easy to read. However, it is one of those books that you should always have on hand for reference.
Comprehensive, thorough, and authoritative
This will help you pass the PMP
Dry and difficult to read

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Many project managers don’t take the PMP. Many project managers start in management or another job and then end up filling the gap to ensure that trains run on schedule. This book is for those in traditional management roles and want to be more involved in project management.
It is highly recommended by many project managers for managers of project managers. It will help you understand the day-to-day life of a PM if you have never managed projects.
It is easier to understand than the PMBOK
It is easy for non-project managers and project managers to get a quick overview
Some people consider it obsolete
3. Project Management: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide
This book is a simplified and easier-to-read edition of the PMBOK. It is very well-organized and easy to use. It is used in many classes as an alternative to PMBOK. Students say that it helps them pass PMP. Although it covers the theory and basics of project management, it lacks concrete examples and practical advice for on-the-job projects.
Simple to understand
Great reference
There are not enough examples or practical advice on the job.
4. Project Management for Humans: Helping People Get Things Done
This book, written by Brett Harned is a collection of personal stories and practical advice that anyone can use to manage projects to success. You will learn the basics of planning and estimating projects as well as soft skills such as empathy and communication. This course is designed to make managing people and projects easier. This one is for you if you are looking for a more personable approach to project managing.
Conversational style that is quick and easy to understand
Practical examples and templates that you can use today
TL;DR at each chapter’s end
More geared towards digital project management
Intermediate project management book