Salesforce Trailhead is all you need, but it’s not enough.

Salesforce Trailhead is amazing. That’s something we can all agree on. It’s robust. Answering questions earns you points. It’s free. However, many companies offer multiple training methods to users as everyone learns differently.
This is why Trailhead is not enough to create an effective Salesforce training program.
Salesforce training is vital
Salesforce training is now more important than ever. It’s the perfect time to create a lasting training program with Lightning.
It’s a huge deal to move your team to Lightning. Lightning’s new interface has created a lot of anxiety, regardless of whether you’ve heard it. Trailhead is a great resource, but it won’t be enough to address your concerns.
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Get started trainingYour users will be able to benefit from a structured training program, which introduces new features and optimizes process. You’ll need to do more to get everyone up-to-speed on Lightning Experience. Salesforce admins should spend the time to train their employees on the new platform.
Training should be an ongoing task, not a one-off job when something big happens.
Everybody learns differently
Everybody learns differently. Some people learn best by reading. To retain the information, others need to write down the things they are learning. Experts say that listening is the worst way to learn. People learn best when they get their hands dirty.
Good educators try to accommodate all learning styles in a lesson plan. Salesforce admins are responsible for training their users. Your goal is to make Salesforce easy for your users to use. You will need to create a training program that bridges the “transfer gap” in order to achieve your goal.
The familiar symbol of knowledge retention, the light bulb, is the best way to illustrate the transfer gap. Imagine someone sitting in class and the light bulb turning on. They understood the concept. The bulb begins to dim before the bell rings. Experts agree that the light bulb will not go out unless they have the right knowledge. This is the transfer gap.
It is important to immediately begin using knowledge, especially when learning a platform or technology. Salesforce Lightning is an example of a classroom setting that doesn’t make it easy to learn technical skills.
Trailhead closes the transfer gap as it is accessible from the user’s workstation. This can also be said for any online Salesforce training program. Trailhead is simple to use and offers a rewards system through badges and points. However, it’s unimodal. It’s text-only, with a few images interspersed. Trailhead is a poor example of this.
To create a comprehensive training program that gets your users up to speed with the product, feature or process, you will need to work closely with them. Here’s why.
There is so much information
Salesforce Trailhead currently has 381 modules. These modules are designed for three different job roles and three skill levels. There are 16 modules designed for advanced developers and 160 modules designed for beginners business users. This is a lot of training. We can learn from jam what it means. (Yes. Jam, as in the preserve of fruit.
Researchers studied groups of shoppers who were presented with large and smaller amounts of jam in 1995. The larger variety was more appealing to people, but they were less likely to buy from the smaller ones. The researchers concluded that people are attracted to the largest selection but then panic when it comes time to make a decision.
Trailhead has so much information. Curation is what’s missing. Trailmixes combine modules, but there’s a total of 61 options. As a Salesf