Project Management Career Blues Many of my students and readers are in the same situation as me. They are often in poor or unemployed positions and trying to get into project management. It can be difficult. Even though I cannot give you specific advice, there are general guidelines that will help you. These are the topics I write about on pmStudent.com. Here are some examples that you might want to consider:

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These situations can also be helped by me sharing my own experience. My Story In 2004, I was fired from my job as a service operations manager at a start-up. That was when I realized that I loved project management and reassessed my career. My wife was pregnant with our first baby and I was going to college. It was terrifying. After six months of struggle, I finally settled down and became a supervisor in a call center. I tried to make the most of it. I was also incredibly focused on pursuing formal project management. I?read, researched, volunteered. I began to research other companies in the area. This was my stepping-stone. It might be more important to get into the right company than to pursue a specific job title. Six months later, I was laid off …. again. My?networking and?research paid off this time. Within a month, I was offered a job at the organization I had targeted. It’s something I have done many times since then and it has helped many others. It can be frustrating and long but you can make it happen.