Process Improvement Plan: It’s time to speed up the processes!

We’ve heard a lot about the processes involved in project management. But what is the process improvement plan? A project is made up of many processes. They all fall under the five project management process groups. Each process defines “what to do when” during a specific phase of the project’s life cycle. These processes can be part of the Project Initiation Process group, Project Planning Process group and Executing Process Group. They also include project monitoring process group and Project Closing process group.
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The project management plan, as defined in the CAPM courses also includes all processes. Another component of the project management plan is the process improvement plan. Project improvement plan is part of the process to develop project management plans, which is within the project integration management knowledge.

What is the purpose of the Process Improvement Plan
As we have already mentioned, a company may have multiple processes for managing a project. You can learn more about these process groups by enrolling in an online, self-paced PMP certification training.
The project manager may identify existing processes that can be used on the project or create new ones. It is possible that there are already processes in place. For instance, scope management process, cost management process, procurement management process etc. These processes will be used by project managers throughout the project’s life cycle.

There may be new processes that are not required but necessary for a particular project. The project manager must create a new process in order to deliver project results faster. This is where the plan comes in. These processes can be improved by the process improvement plan, as its name suggests.
Let’s look at an example to better illustrate the goal of this plan.

Let’s say 100 computers are required to be installed in a project. If the PCs are identical, the installation steps for each one will be the same. The project manager should design a process to speed up the remaining installations in order to finish them faster than the first three.
This document may include the steps required to complete the installation. To speed up the installation process, a software script can be created that will automatically install the applications on each computer.
The Process Improvement Plan describes how to improve existing processes as well as how to create new processes according to the project’s needs. These must all be included in the process improvement plan.
Project management is time-sensitive because each project has a schedule. This plan will help you speed up the process in a more efficient way. The process improvement plan will save time for project managers and allow them to concentrate on more important processes. You can find out more about managing the project’s processes by enrolling in an online training course in Agile.
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