PMP 2022 Feedback: How Bhavna Ghoi passed the PMP Exam

After passing the PMP exam, Bhavna Gahoi from Melbourne, Australia became another Master of Project Academy PMP certified student. Bhavna studied online for the PMP exam from Master of Project Academy. We asked Bhavna for her tips on the PMP exam. Here is what she said. To pass your PMP exam, you can read her PMP 2022 tips!
1- 1) How long did it take to study for the PMP exam.
It took me six months to get my application accepted. It took me three months to prepare mentally and gather information for the exam. When I had my exam date booked, it was a trigger to start studying. It was a demanding schedule that required me to balance work and social life.
2-) What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP-2022 exam?
As I was preparing for the PMP exam. I noticed that PMP content heavily uses IT industry terminology. It took me a while to create an index and refer to it back to my words.
3- 3) How was the quality and reliability of PMP training materials?
Master of Project Academy’s PMP exam course materials are the best I have ever seen, especially the simulator. It was very helpful in helping me prepare for the PMP exam.
4- 4) How similar were the PMP exam questions when you looked at them?
There were no two questions the same. The questions were similar in length and pattern. The Master of Project Academy’s sample questions were very real and helpful.
5- ) How many PMP exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I passed all seven PMP simulation tests in the PMP exam simulator offered by Master of Project Academy. These are enough practice questions to help you prepare for the PMP exam. I also practiced with sample exams from different sites.
6- Describe the support you received during the PMP training.
I was given prompt and meritorious support. My queries were answered quickly and easily, rather than being a copy/paste of a book. Master of Project Academy offers a 7/24 student support service.
7- ) Do any future PMP candidates have any recommendations?
Here are a few recommendations from me for PMP candidates:
Avoid “document disaster”. Don’t try to prepare from multiple sources. Make sure you choose the right course and follow it! It was Master of Project Academy PMP Training. It may take additional effort and time to switch between sources.
The PMBOK book is your source of truth and should not be ignored.
To pass the objective PMP exam, you will need to do subjective research.

8- ) Do any of you have any tips or tricks for the PMP exam?
These are some tips that may prove useful during the PMP exam.
You will be fine if you take a deep breath and start your exam.
Make a process chart. You don’t need to create a complete process chart, but it should outline at least a few key points. Do not waste your time trying to remember every step. It will help you to connect with all the process groups and knowledge areas.
Carefully read the question. You will find the correct answer if you can relate to the relevant knowledge area or process group.
Be mindful of your time. You should at least take 10 minutes to review your mark-question questions.

9- ) What would you recommend to a friend who is a PMP certified?
1) Practice mock tests until at least 80% is achieved in three consecutive tests. 2) Talking with other PMs and on the chat forums is a great way to get feedback. Do not stress about taking mock tests the day before the exam. This time can be used to summarize your handwork.
10- Lastly, would you recommend Master of Project Academy a friend or colleague to master of project academy?
I was pleased with my positive exam result, quickness of use, and prompt response from experts when I had doubts.