Microsoft PL-300: Power BI Data Analyst Course

Power BI is the next-best thing in data analysis. It is the best solution for grouping data. Power BI is essentially a collection of software services, applications and connections that work together to transform diverse data sources into logical and visually engaging insights.
Data can be stored in Excel spreadsheets or as a collection of hybrid warehouses that are both cloud-based and on premises. Power BI makes it easy for you to connect to your data sources and visualize and uncover fascinating insights. You can also share your findings with the right people.
What does a Power BI Data Analyst do for you?
Power BI data analysts provide excellent insights using data to visualize their expertise. They use this data for business requirements identification, cleaning and transforming data, and then using Power BI to create or construct data models.
The Power BI data analyst is a valuable asset to the company by creating data visualizations that are easy to understand, enabling others in self-service analysis, and configuring solutions for their use.
Who can become a Power BI data analyst?
You should have a basic knowledge of data repositories, processes, and both on-premises as well as in the cloud. You should be proficient in Power Query and DAX writing. You must also be proficient in using Power Query and writing expressions using DAX to become a Power BI Data Analyst.
The basics of the Microsoft PL-300 exam
The PL-300: Microsoft Power BI data analyst exam will assess the following skills:

Prepare the data (15-20%)

Modify the data (30-35%)

Visualize and analyze data (25-30%)

Maintain and deploy assets (20-25%)

700 is the minimum mark required to pass the examination.

The exam costs US $165

The certification is valid for life.

What can I do in preparation for the exam?
Practical experience and practical knowledge are required for the Power BI exam. Microsoft provides basic learning models, as well as detailed descriptions and solutions to the subject matter. Microsoft recommends these steps to gain data analyst experience and earn the certification.
You can work on projects which heavily use Power BI data to analyze and visualize.

You can work with a Power BI data analyst.

Check out the training programs on Microsoft Docs.

You can also find training options on the Power BI Learning Catalog. You can take a practice exam to prepare for the Power BI analytics certification exam: Practice Test Microsoft PL300.

You can sign up to receive training programs from various Power BI instructors.

NetCom Learning helps you prepare for the exam
After obtaining the certification, you will become a Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate. Your primary function will be to use Microsoft Power BI to create and scale data models, clean and convert data, and provide sophisticated analytic capabilities that generate business value.
NetCom Learning’s PL300T00: Microsoft Power BI Data Analysis course includes all the necessary resources and materials to help you prepare for the exam. The course includes tutorials on Power BI and data analyst instructors. It also contains tips and tricks for passing the exam. This course will help you implement security standards and policies across all Power BI groups and datasets. This course will help you to manage and deploy dashboards and reports for content distribution.