Microsoft Information Protection Administrator Associate

An associate Microsoft Information Protection Administrator helps to plan and enforce compliance and control requirements for an organization. They translate the plans and controls into technical implementation and work with IT professionals, business owners, legal stakeholders, and human resources. They may also collaborate with the compliance and security chief in order to assess and address the risks associated with the policies or partners.
The associate also creates and tests IT processes, defines requirements, and tests them.
SC-400 Exam
The SC-400 exam certification is required to become a Microsoft Information Protection Administrator. This exam tests your ability to implement data loss prevention and governance.
There are three learning pathways for the exam, each broken into several modules.
SC-400: Part 1 is the first path. It tests your ability to implement information security in Microsoft 365. This section contains eight modules.
Microsoft 365 data governance, data protection and prevention of data loss

Data loss prevention, identification of sensitive data and use DLP policies to protect data

Classification and management data using trainable classifications and sensitive information types

Management, creation, and comparison sensitive information types

Implementation of document fingerprinting

Bitlocker encryption, service encryption and data encryption in transit are all available in Microsoft 365. Customer key management is also possible in Microsoft 365

Implementation and deployment message encryption and advanced messaging encryption in Microsoft 365

Configuration of sensitive labels and their policies, as well as managing and monitoring information security

Application and management sensitive labels, as well as configuration of protections and labels for emails and files

SC-400: Part 2 is the second path. It tests your ability to implement data loss prevention. This section contains three modules:
Data loss prevention and identification of sensitive data

DLP policies can be tested, managed, and defined

Configure DLP policies to protect Microsoft Cloud App Security and Power Platform

Configure file policies in the Microsoft Cloud App Security and manage DLP violations

Implement and configure data loss prevention policies

Analyze and review data loss prevention reports

The third path SC-400, part 3, is designed to test your ability to implement information governance in Microsoft 365. This section contains three modules:
Configure retention policies, retention tags, manual retention label policies, or auto-apply retention tag policies.

Manage, monitor, and correct information governance

Retention in Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive for Business are explained

Use Microsoft Exchange to implement retention policies and tags

Microsoft 365 – Manage your records

Configure retention labels and event driven retention

Manage, monitor, and correct records

SC-400 Exam Prerequisites
These are the essential prerequisites for passing this exam:
Basic understanding of Microsoft security technology and compliance technologies

Basic understanding of information security concepts

Understanding cloud computing concepts

Microsoft 365 products & services: Knowledge

Basic knowledge of Microsoft 365 compliance features

SC-400 Exam retake policy
A maximum of five times per year are you allowed to take an exam. This is the SC-400 exam retake policy:
If you fail to clear the exam on your first attempt, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can reappear.

If you fail the second, third or fourth time, the waiting period increases to 14 days

SC-400 Certificate Renewal and Expiry
The certification expires one year after the date of issue. Your certificate must be renewed within six months of its expiration date. Failure to renew your certificate within six months will result in you having to reappear for certification and the actual exam.
These steps will allow you to renew your certificate.
Go to the Certifications Dashboard section in your profile

Make sure your Docs and Certification profiles are connected

An email will be sent to you directing you to the renewal assessment. It is available on Microsoft Learn

Your certification will be extended for one year after you pass the assessment

You can prepare for the assessment by reviewing the available modules on the certification renewal page.
There are many career opportunities
You can expect to find the following job roles: Security Engineer, Information Protection Administrator, Risk Practitioner, Security Administrator, and Administrator. Microsoft Information Protection Ads are individuals who help organizations comply with regulations and improve technology to implement them better. They also work with security chiefs to analyze risks associated with the policies.