Major Updates to the (ISC-2)2 CISSP Exam

(ISC.2) is changing the CISSP certification. The new blueprint for the CISSP exam is effective April 15, 2015. The full blueprint can be downloaded from the (ISC.2) website. Here’s a quick overview of the topics it will cover.
Security and Risk Management (e.g. Security, Risk, Compliance Law, Regulations, Business Continuity).
Asset Security (Protecting Assets Security)
Security Engineering (Engineering and Management of Security).
Communication and Network Security (Designing and Protecting Network Security).
Identity and Access Management (Controlling Access, Managing Identity)
Security Assessment and Testing (Designing and Performing Security Testing)
Security Operations (e.g. Foundational Concepts and Investigations, Incident Management, Disaster recovery)
Software Development Security (Understanding and Applying Software Security, and Enforcing It)
According to ISC the CISSP exam will be updated to keep up with the changing information security field. The Official (ISC2)2 CISSP CBK has been updated with new technical content to reflect the most recent topics in the information security field. Some topics have been expanded, such as asset security, testing, and security assessment, while others have been rearranged under different domains. ISC believes the new CISSP exam will better reflect technical and managerial competences required of experienced information security professionals to design, engineer and implement an organization’s information safety program in an ever-changing security environment.
The blueprint has been reduced from 10 domains down to 8. But don’t let that fool you. It’s not easier. The topics have been rearranged, refreshed, and candidates should be proficient in more information than ever before.
The CISSP exam measures one’s knowledge in information security and (ISC)2 (r) common body. (CBK(r), which cover key topics in security today including risk management, mobile security, application security, and more. Candidates must have at least five years’ experience in two of the 10 domains. The CISSP is distinguished by its vast knowledge and experience. CISSP certification allows holders to be eligible for security consultant, security analyst and Chief Information Security Officer positions. The highest salaries in the IT industry are associated with CISSP certification.