Launch of AZ-203 Training Course

Recent Update
The current exam for AZ-203 expired on August 31, 2020 by Microsoft Azure certification path

We have been receiving constant requests for the AZ203 training course after receiving positive feedback on our Azure Certifications Training Courses. We are pleased to announce the AZ203 training course. It includes AZ203 online course, hands-on labs, and AZ203 practice tests.
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Are you curious to learn more about the Whizlabs-AZ-203 training course? Let’s start by understanding the AZ203 exam. Then we’ll reveal the contents of the AZ203 training course. You will learn about the AZ203 online course and practice exams, and how they can help you prepare for your AZ203 exam.
Exam AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
Exam AZ-203 targets Azure developers who are responsible to design and build cloud solutions, such as services or applications. These candidates are involved in all phases of development, from solution design to development and delivery, and testing and resolution.
This certification requires that you meet the following requirements:
Proficiency in the development and deployment of apps and services using Azure technologies and tools. This includes security, compute, and communication.
Minimum of one year experience in the development of scalable solutions in all phases
At least one cloud-supported programming language must be understood.
Candidates who pass this certification exam will be awarded the badge of Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate. Candidates who meet the above requirements can take the AZ-203 exam if they pass. Let’s take a look at the AZ-203 exam details.
Exam Information for AZ-203
Name of the Certification Organization
AZ-203: Developing Solutions For Microsoft Azure
Exam Duration
150 minutes
Number of questions
Exam Fee
USD 165
Passing Marks
Job Role
Developer Associate
The new AZ203 exam combines the AZ200 and AZ201 exams. This certification exam is not easy. We recommend that you follow the comprehensive preparation plan to pass the Azure AZ203 exam.
Do you want to be a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate (MCA)? This comprehensive AZ-203 exam preparation guide will help you pass the exam.
What are the topics covered in Whizlabs Azure AZ203 Training Course?
The online courses by Whizlabs AZ203 prepare you for the AZ203 certification exam. They also help you to improve your skills and knowledge. The complete Whizlabs AZ203 training course is available for free.
The AZ-203 online course includes training videos on all domains covered by the AZ203 exam. Our team of subject matter experts and certified professionals created the AZ203 training course. This will prepare you for the AZ203 exam.
Here’s a list of topics covered by the Azure AZ-203 online class.
List of Topics covered in AZ-203 Online Class
Topics covered
Getting Started
Introduction to the Course
About the Course
About the Exam
Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solution
Virtual Machines in Azure
ARM Templates
Azure Key Vault
Virtual Machine – Disk Encryption
Azure Batch Service
Azure Managed Kubernetes Service
Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solutions
Azure Web App Service
Azure App Service Plan
Azure Mobiles Apps – Offline Data Sync
Azure Functions
Develop for Azure Storage
Azure Table Storage
Azure CosmosDB
Azure SQL Database
Azure BLOB Storage
Implement Azure Security
Authentication and Authorization
Management Service Identity
Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Optimize Azure Solutions
Handling Transient Faults
Azure Redis Cache
Azure CDN
Application Insights
Connect to and consume Azure Services and Third Party Services
Azure Login Apps
Azure Search
Azure API Management
Azure Service Bus
Azure Storage Queue
What will you get from the Whizlabs AZ203 Training Course?
The online Whizlabs AZ203 training course offers more than just video. It also includes practice labs and practice exams. This comprehensive study package will prepare you for the AZ203 exam. Let’s take a look at the preparation materials you will receive with the Whizlabs Arizona-203 training course.
Online Course

The tutorial video contains valuable information to help you prepare for the AZ203 exam. The AZ-203 online course includes total training videos lasting 9 hours 26 minutes that cover all exam objectives.
Practice Tests

The course includes 3 practice sets with 165 practice questions and 55 practice questions for each practice test. These practice tests allow you to practice a lot of questions and become familiar with the exam objectives.