Introduction to Boto3 Credentials and AWS Credentials Setup for Windows 10

1. Introduction to Boto2. Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up Boto3 and AWS Credentials On Your Windows 103 Conclusion4. CloudThat 5. Boto3 FAQs 1. Introduction to Boto3.
Boto is a Python SDK for AWS software development kit. It allows you to create and update AWS resources from your Python scripts. Boto versions include Boto3, Boto3, and Botocore.
The SDK includes two essential Python packages: Botocore, which is the library that provides low-level functionality between the Python SDK (and the AWS CLI), and Boto3 which implements the Python SDK.
I hope you have some experience with AWS and have your account. If you want to improve your skills, I suggest that Python be used to learn about AWS tools and services.
Client: low-level service access
Resource: Access to higher-level, object-oriented services
Both can be used to interact with S3.
Let’s now dive into the step-by-step guide to setting up Boto3.
2. Step-by-Step Guide for setting up Boto3 or AWS credentials on Windows 10.
Python is required to begin.
Go to python.org to download the Python version you need.
Pip3 and Python can be set up in a way that is easy to follow.
After Python has been installed, Boto3 will be required.
Enter “pip3 installation boto3” at the command prompt
Now, you will need to install AWS command-line interface.
Enter “pip3 installation awscli” at the command prompt.
Type “aws-version” to check if aws CLI is installed.
Next, you will need the AWS access code.
Go to AWS Console. Click the top right corner for your profile and “My Security Credentials”
Next, click the Access keys.
Click on Create a New Access Key.
Click on the Download Key File
Now you have the secret key and access key id downloaded. Next, configure AWS credentials
Enter “awsconfig” at the command prompt. It will ask you for your access key id, and secret key.
Once you have entered the region, it will ask you for the default area. If you don’t specify the default region, it will default to us-east-1.
Next, you will need to mention the default output format (ex. json).
This PC allows you to check if credentials have been configured.
Go to the location of your operating system (usually: local drive C). Next, click on users to view current users
You will now need to open “.aws”. Under this folder, you will find a credentials folder that allows you to see your aws credentials
You can check the credentials via the command line by following:>> cd.aws>> dir>>type credentials
This creates a default profile
You can add a user to create a profile.
Create a new IAM user in aws to add a user with a different profile.
If you attempt to configure new IAM user credentials via the command line, it will overwrite root user credentials
To configure the new IAM user, use “awsconfig -profile new_username”
Again, you will be asked for your access key id & secret key. You can copy and paste them from AWS Console.
Next, enter your default region and default output type
Now, use the command line to check for credentials.>>dir>type credentials
Both the credentials can be viewed.
You can also check your credentials in the system where your operating systems is installed (usually: local drive).
Now you have boto3 setup. Now you can use AWS Services with Python
3. Conclusion
Boto3 calls AWS APIs for you. Boto3 provides two ways to access abstracted APIs for most AWS services.
Boto3 is the most recent version of the SDK. It supports Python versions 2.6.5 to 2.7 and 3.3. It also includes service-specific features that facilitate development. It is an Amazon Web Services (AWS), Software Development Kit (SDK), for Python, which allows Python developers create software that uses Ama.