Glen Alleman’s Project Management Book Recommendations

Glen Alleman from Herding Cats is someone I respect and who also works in a similar environment to mine. Glen offered his book recommendations for project management, both in general and in relation to government contracts and projects in the aerospace/defense sector. Glen replied with a blog post with excellent recommendations. Glen, I want to thank you for sharing your expertise!
I also want to thank everyone who contributed to pmStudent. This is a vibrant community, and I am so glad to have been a part of it!
I have always found it beneficial to reach out to others and ask for their advice. I always learn something new. I most often reach out to someone who has the experience or training in the area I am lacking.
People who are new to a field and find a natural talent for it can sometimes feel entitled to it. Do not let this happen to your career. Do not be afraid to change your mind after receiving new information. Listen to mentors. Listen to what they have to say and forget about your preconceptions. You will be amazed at how much you can learn.
Here’s Glen’s post. For more information on Glen’s recommendations, click the images below. Some links to reviews, others to where you can purchase it if desired.