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The CCNP was given a makeover as part of Cisco’s recent overhaul in its certification program. Are you interested in CCNP Enterprise certification Get a jumpstart by taking the latest SPOTO training. Watch the SPOTO CCNP Enterprise training video today.
Trainings: Keith Barker, Jeremy Cioara and Knox Hutchinson. Also available for Jeff Kish and Jacob Moran.
Automating Enterprise Solutions (300-435ENAUTO) by Ben Finkel and Knox Hutchinson.
Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300 -410 ENARSI), from Keith Barker and Knox Hutchinson.

Two exams are required to earn the Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification. The core exam (350-401 ENCOR) and the enterprise concentration exam. There are six concentration exams currently available.
The ENCOR exam is focused on enterprise infrastructure. It covers topics such as dual-stack technology, network assurance, automation, and security. Enterprise concentration exams are more focused on industry-specific topics such as network design, wireless and SD-WAN. The ENAUTO exam focuses on network automation technologies. The ENARSI exam focuses on enterprise networking, routing and switching.
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