Are Apple Certifications Worth It?

Despite the fact that we all use Apple products in our daily lives, and the Apple certification program is well-established, many people still don’t consider Apple certifications worth the effort, time, and money. Is it the lack of Apple’s marketing for the certification program? We know that this company is capable of selling any and all products they put on their brand. Is it just not as good as it could be?
Let’s take a closer glance at the Apple certification program to answer this question. Apple certifications are designed to increase technical proficiency among professionals who work with Apple/Mac technology. These certifications are useful. These certifications are useful, especially if you work in visual production companies or creative/advertising agencies. These businesses rely more on Apple solutions than other industries. The company might consider hiring an Apple technician if at most some of its employees work with Macs. If they don’t, they may find themselves in a situation where they need someone immediately. There aren’t many Apple certified professionals. This line can be a great way to boost your career.
Apple Certifications – A Closer Look
There are two types of Apple certification paths: IT Professionals (support-oriented) and Creative Professionals (application-oriented). You can choose which track is most relevant to your career. There are many levels of training that can lead to top credentials such as Master Trainer or Master Pro.
Apple Creative professional certification is available in two levels: Apple Certified Associate or Apple Certified Pro.
Apple Certified Associate credential is a certification that validates basic entry-level skills in a particular application. Associate exams can be taken online, unlike the Apple Certified Pro exam. Apple Certified Associate is a great option for students and anyone who wants to earn entry-level Apple certification. Apple Certified Associate really makes candidates stand out when they apply to schools, jobs, and potential clients. This certification is a competitive advantage in today’s job market. This certification is easy to obtain, as candidates must pass an iWork exam.
Pro Applications Certifications
Apple’s professional apps have become the industry standard for editors, sound designers and visual effects artists. Certifications are available for Aperture and Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and Motion.
Apple Certified Pro-Level One demonstrates fundamental operational knowledge of an Apple application. The associated course ends with Level One exams.
Apple Certified Pro Level Two attests that you have a deeper understanding of advanced features and are able to master them. Only Level One certification can be used to take Level Two exams.
Apple IT Professionals Certification Program currently offers three paths.
Mavericks (10.9) Certificates
Mountain Lion (10.8) Certifications
ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician) Certification
The first two are fairly straightforward. However, Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (ACMT) certification is worth a closer look. This credential certifies that you are capable of basic troubleshooting and repairs to both portable and desktop Macintosh systems such as the MacBook Pro and iMac. ACMT certification exams focus on diagnosing and resolving common Mac OS X issues and using Apple Service and Support products and practices for effectively repairing Apple hardware.
Apple certifications are a great value if you love Apple solutions and want to build your career around them.