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triangleBachelors in Animation & Visual Effects
(University of Mysore)
About the Programme
The University of Mysore was established on 27th July, 1916 during the benevolentreign of the Maharaja of Mysore, His Highness Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar (1884-1940).The genesis of the University of Mysore stems from a five year long in-depth readingand analysis on higher education across the globe. The mission of the Universityof Mysore, laid down in the 1916 regulations published in the Mysore Gazette Extraordinary,aims at ‘promoting teaching and research in conventional and traditional domainsof Arts,Human- ities, Pure and Applied Sciences and Professional disciplines’. SirM Visvesvaraya (1860-1962) played a decisive role in the launch of the University.
Wings Creations College of Art Media & Design (WCCAMD ) is a multidisciplinary educ-ational venture of Wings Creations which dreams of delivering the quality and stressfree educ- ation to young and scrupulous minds. The greatest part of the institutionis to provide the choice to students in terms of courses and universities. WCCAMDis in collaboration with industry as well as university for imparting educationin regular /distance/online mode. We founded WCCAMD because we saw it as an opportunityto build a brand in a sector that rather had enormous number of players.
Bachelors in Animation & VFX Programme Overview : This programme enables studentsto gain knowledge and expertise in Multimedia, Graphics, Animation applicable inPrint, Film, Broadcast and Web media. The specially designed six semester programmewill enable students to take on a professional career in Computer Graphics, WebDesign, E-Learning, Animation, Vfx and Gaming. The Students of this programme willbe able to develop an understanding of the underlying technology supporting multimedia,graphics and animation and apply advanced tools and techniques to develop content.The programme is designed to cover development framework of multi- media and animation.The theory courses will provide conceptual understanding and principles of differentforms of multimedia and animation. The practical subjects will cover its applicationin Animation, Web Designing, E-Learning, Vfx and Gaming. After successful completionof the programme, students shall be awarded the Bachelors in Animation & VisualEffects from The University of Mysore and Certificates from Wings Creations Collegeof Art Media & Design.
Bachelors in Animation & VFX course is segmented into semester scheme.
SemesterModule1Fundamental of Art, Design & Visualization22D Classical and Digital Animation3Fundamental of 3D Animation and visual effects4Advanced Art of 3D Animation and visual effects5Specialization – Choose any one Elective Specialization6Portfolio Development and internships Course Eligibility:
18 years or PUC / 10+2 / 3 Year Diploma or equivalent certificate (Lateral Entry: 3 Year Diploma in Animation / Vfx / Multimedia / Film Making / Design)
Fundamental Knowledge in Operating Computers
Basic artistic skills are an added advantage
Placement Opportunities:
There is a great demand for animators and designers at present. India has becomea destination for several international production houses, which are setting uptheir studios here. The talent in India has been recognized and is being used extensivelyfor animation movies, advertising, marketing, web designing and other related fields.There is going to be a steep increase in the demand for more skilled workforce inthe animation field. Animation is one of the most job assured sector. Starting salariesrange between Rs. 1.2 lakhs to -3.0 lakhs per annum depending on the candidate’sexperience and expertise. The continued demand in the global animation market hasallowed the Asia-Pacific region to further emerge as a premier destination for animationoutsourcing. The major players in the region include China, India, Singapore, SouthKorea and the Philippines. The Indian animation industry on the other hand was estimatedto have a value of US$ 354 mi reach US$ 1.5 billion by 2015. In the non-entertainmentsegment the demand for animation production services will touch US$ 14.7 billionby 2015.
Course Duration:
36 Months
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