ActiveCollab’s Support – Gimnazija Trdava

It was very different to start a private school than a regular startup or IT company. This was also the case with my previous business ventures. It was a challenge to own and run an eLearning design and developer company. It was a challenge, but there were so many useful web tools and people who knew how to use them. We were able to optimize our business processes and take our company to the next level. We had to find a way for technology to be integrated in an environment that doesn’t rely on it. This allowed us to improve our ability to manage, optimize, and function on a daily basis.
ActiveCollab makes it easy to manage internal tasks, responsibilities, and track statuses. Running a school in Serbia requires a lot of paperwork, administration, and different teams of teachers creating various reports throughout the year. ActiveCollab makes it much easier to organize these responsibilities and allows us more time for micromanagement. Instead, we focus on what is most important to our company: providing quality education for our students, and educating our teachers to be better every day. ActiveCollab helps us organize our responsibilities and allows us to spend less time micromanaging. It was helpful in everyday operations but it was the ongoing and recurring tasks that we found the most beneficial. It was difficult to get teachers to think like this. It was much easier once we did that. Without ActiveCollab, we would have had to track all of our work manually, which would leave us little time to deal with other important aspects of running a private school. Curriculum management, student management and teaching management are all important aspects that must be managed efficiently. ActiveCollab has made it easier for us to manage our internal operations. Our teachers were able to see clearly what was important in each task. Another useful feature was the history of changes. Sometimes, teachers need to be able to see past task changes in order to give the right advice and make the right decisions when dealing with students. ActiveCollab is our online student record.
We dream of a time when paperwork is not as tedious as it used to be. We will spend most of our time making our school the best place to learn, teaching and learning. ActiveCollab’s new features will make it easier for us to achieve our goal of becoming the best private school in the region.