10 Best Collaboration Tools For Education Professionals

Software that allows users to collaborate on projects and tasks.
Did you ever have to change the way you teach and collaborate with students as an educator? Remote learning is becoming more common than ever. In order to offer in-person classes to students, more institutions are embracing technology. It is crucial that you communicate with students via technology and provide the same level care and attention as in the past.
There are many online collaboration tools that can be used to help students and teachers collaborate on projects, keep track and communicate effectively.
This article lists 10 of the most effective collaboration tools for educators, sorted alphabetically, based upon ratings and reviews from education professionals like you. (View the complete methodology.)
1Airtable: Provides individual and group progress tracking
Airtable is a student collaboration platform that allows teachers and students to collaborate and plan projects. Airtable allows you to create study guides and campus editorial schedules for your students, allowing them to track their progress and plan classes. You can also track and manage individual goals and group projects.
The built-in dashboard allows you to sort project tasks by urgency and assign them as a group to students. Remotely view project statuses, add comments, tag and assign others tasks, and create personal views. You can also create flowcharts and add media to the software.
Airtable provides chat and email support. Airtable is web-based with a mobile app available for Android and iOS.
*Analysis correct as of April 20222Asana – Helps segment projects & task lists
Asana is a project and collaboration tool that allows educators to track their students’ academic progress, assignments, and classwork. It also allows users to manage campus groups, as well as offline or online events. Students can collaborate on projects and teachers can assign tasks or goals to students.
Asana allows you to create to-do lists, track project progress, and keep track of your overall project progress. It can also be used as a repository of information to store all your documents, project plans, meeting notes, and other information in one place. To save time and minimize errors, you can also create task and project templates for recurring activities.
Asana offers email and chat support. The software is web-based with a mobile app available for Android and iOS.
*Analysis correct as of April 20223ClickUp to see a common calendar
ClickUp is an education management platform that allows you to manage academic and administrative tasks from one place. You can upload and create schedules, course syllabi, and knowledge bases in PDF documents. You can also save lecture details like due dates, lesson plans, notes for students.
You can organize your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule with the built-in calendar. To make communication easier and to exchange notes, you can create chat channels for student groups. Email integration allows you to create tasks and attach files to projects using emails.
ClickUp offers chat, email and phone support. The software is web-based with a mobile app available for Android and iOS.
*Analysis correct as of April 20224Flock features a built-in chatbot
Flock is a task management tool and lesson planning tool for teachers, students, parents, and students.
This software allows you to create lesson plans for students in PreK-8. You can also work with parents to create a curriculum that is based on student interest.
You can communicate with students easily and send voice notes to them using the built-in chat function